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Sova Capital Becomes a Trading Member of Astana International Exchange

17 Feb 2020

Sova Capital has become a trading member of Astana International Exchange (AIX). Sova Capital provides a full range of investment banking services to institutional and corporate clients interested in investing in Emerging Markets including CIS countries. From now on, the company will provide access to AIX trading platform for international investors and help Kazakhstan companies to raise debt and equity capital in the public market.

CEO of AIX, Tim Bennett, commented: “We are pleased to welcome a new trading member of AIX and believe that Sova Capital will bring its expertise and strong investor relationships for the benefit of the Kazakhstan’s capital market.”

“We are very pleased to become a trading member of Astana International Exchange as it gives new opportunities and allows us to bring a wider range of investment solutions for the clients we serve. AIX makes a lot of effort in bringing the local capital markets to a fundamentally new level. We are happy to become a part of this process through building stronger connection between West and Central Asia,” said Sergey Sukhanov, Chief Executive Officer at Sova Capital.

Currently, AIX trading members include 17 local and 7 international brokers that serve investors in Russia, Europe and Asia.