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Russo-British Chamber of Commerce introduces new members at the Sova Capital site in London

11 Sep 2018

On 11 September, 2018 the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) held an event with Sova Capital Limited in London, where the Chamber’s new members were introduced and given the chance to network alongside existing members. The development of trade and cooperation between the United Kingdom and Russia, by representing the interests of the member companies of various industries, remains one of the Chamber’s key missions.

RBCC Executive Director Alf Torrents said: “We were delighted to co-host this event with Sova Capital Ltd, a much-valued member.  Such occasions provide a dramatic stage to introduce new members and are an important forum for generating new ideas and extending professional networks for existing members.”

During the event, Sova Capital Limited presented its portfolio of goods and services for the firm’s institutional and corporate clients. Guests from the RBCC, big businesses and industrial communities were introduced to the full line-up of investment banking solutions, which included operations with all basic financial instruments and their derivatives, thus cementing Sova Capital Limited’s position as a global financial institution.

The efficiency of client services at Sova Capital Limited is guaranteed by its internationally recognised and experienced team, which possesses comprehensive expertise in diverse areas of investment banking services.

Commenting on the results of the event, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of Sova Capital Limited Sergey Sukhanov noted: “One of our major priorities is the consistent development and expansion of the business. Growing international expertise provides us with an opportunity to offer the most effective and relevant financial solutions to our clients. Participation in this event allows us to strengthen bonds with the local investment society. I am sure this will enable us to bring even more benefits to our partners in the UK and worldwide.”